Warrior® Testimonials

​Testimonials of Dedicated Warriors

​When Heidi introduced me to R.E.D. Warrior®in the Spring of 2015 I instantly loved it! After a few classes I knew this was the workout I was looking for. I love the three "states of mind" (levels) available during a class so I can go at the pace and intensity that suits me on that day. Even though the rounds are the same each class there is no boredom or the feeling of repetitiveness because as you get to know the rounds you are able to focus on different areas of your body to work. The thing I love the most....NO ONE judges you! It's all about you and what you feel like doing during that workout. The warriors act as a team - one persons accomplishment is everyone's accomplishment. It's also about the instructor...Heidi inspires each one of us and continually offers words and actions of encouragement. Her enthusiasm for RW comes through with each class and naturally flows into us. 

Results? Oh ya!!! After only five months I have many results. I have never been able to do burpees....now I can do four or five in a row! I have never been able to plank....I can now hold a three minute plank. Each class makes me stronger and more focused. I am getting comments on how fit I look...never had that before. My arms are toned and my butt is solid. :) I encourage anyone reading this to take that step and give R.E.D Warrior a try! You will be amazed.

Kim Naar - Pickering, ON

I've been doing R.E.D. Warrior®for approximately 6 months with a great group of dedicated warrior women.  If I was to describe my experience in three words.......Inspiring, Challenging and Validating!  I like to work in a group environment as it keeps me motivated to keep going and does it ever - it's the fastest 60 minutes of my week! 
Thanks for introducing it to me Heidi - it's worth the weekly drive from Aurora!

Maureen - Aurora

R.E.D. Warrior®makes my feel strong both mentally and physically. It makes me feel inspired and healthy. Like I just did something really good for myself. Like I fueled my body and spirit.  It is a workout that is specific only to you. You get out of it exactly what you put in. The changes to your body come very quickly and that is a huge motivation to go back again and again. You carry this workout with you after the class is over and use the philosophies in your everyday life. You walk taller, keep your core tighter and resist!! You become the WARRIOR you always knew was in you!!
Ani - Ajax

​I started R.E.D. Warrior®in March 2015 and have attended 22 classes.
R.E.D. Warrior®for me is my own personal challenge.  Being the oldest in the class, 
I was concerned with my inability to keep up with others much younger than myself.
However, I realized that doing my best and challenging myself, is not a competition with others,
but a self directed goal with each week noticing more strength and endurance.
This class gives me a sense of pride and energy that comes from within.  
Each week I noticed increased strength and awareness of what my body can do when challenged.
It works the body and draws upon mindfulness to achieve more connection with the muscles
to attain physical strength and inner strength to further that challenge.
In this class, I feel, you are "PRESENT CENTRED, PROCESS ABSORBED" focusing on you 
and you alone, for the best possible results.
I am always motivated to attend the class as our instructor Heidi, is enthusiastic, encouraging 
and supportive throughout the class.  She gives it her all!

Donna - Scarborough

 I joined R.E.D. Warrior® to see what it was all about in hopes it would make me look/feel more fit.
​I've been doing it for two months now and at first it took my body some time to adjust as it can be quite an intense workout if you push yourself. I still have a long way to go but I am loving it!! It's amazing how it makes me feel so much more energized, positive, and empowered! I noticed since starting R.E.D. Warrior®that some tasks at work that would usually stress me out, I'm doing with ease now. Heidi is a very caring, fantastic instructor and it's a fun camaraderie with all the girls at the class,
I look forward to it every week (:

Dale 58yrs - Ajax

Red Warrior®makes me feel inspired.. focused.. energized.
The workout pushes me to achieve the next levels. (state of mind). 
I see the changes in my body, in my focus to isolate muscles. 
At the end of each class I want to do it all over again for another hour.
It's a great workout, Heidi is very supportive no matter what "state of mind" you are working on. 

Lyne from Ajax - 43 year young!