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Warrior Workout

Experience a
Mind Shift(TM) with our
Revolutionary Empowerment Disciplines Workout 

This workout is designed for Men and Women of all ages and fitness levels. 

Taught in alternating rounds of Martial Arts and Functional Fitness, the workout challenges the mind and body simultaneously.

During each 5 min round, participants are encouraged to make themselves the priority and focus on themselves, leaving behind negative thoughts, energy and emotions of their day while working through various 

Martial Arts/Fitness Patterns at their own level to achieve their own personal greatness. 

Each round is followed by short periods of active recovery, where the group comes together in a circle formation to work together and let loose with encouragement and high 5's for a job well done.

Our G.E.T.(TM) (Group Exercise Therapy) method includes motivational guidance to help participants overcome their self-imposed limitations and realize their potential both physically and mentally. 
Our Motto 

It's YOUR workout, YOU decide, YOU can't get it wrong!
Our unique "States of Mind"(TM), shown by instructor at each class, allow you to choose which part of your body you want to work on depending on how you are feeling. One "State of mind" is not easier or harder than the other; it just requires a different skill set.
Quiet Your Mind and Empower Your Body.

Each 45-60min workout is followed by a two minute Moving Meditation where the group comes together once again to create a strong feeling of UNITY and celebrate each others workout achievements.


Some workouts are meant to help you let loose and go crazy, distressing you with high cardio but others are meant to Empower YOU and help you realize you can do anything you set your mind to... 

that workout is a

Warrior Workout




Warrior Toning Workout

The Warrior Toning Workout is designed to assist participants in achieving full mind-body connection. Through a unique combination of slow and controlled movement using a single “heavy” weight, the participant is able to achieve increased total body strength as well as improve balance and agility. This practice uses repetition in patterns of movement, leading to increased cognitive function and general improvement in participants’ understanding of safe and effective exercise. 

Empowerment cueing and inspirational music are huge motivating forces, as they are in all of the Warrior Workouts.

When beginning the Warrior Toning Workout, it is recommended to use a single 5 or 8-pound weight. Some men or women who have experience with heavier weights may prefer one or two 8, 10 or 12 pound weights.

NOTE: If you have not been active in fitness, no problem, this 45 min class is perfect as a Beginner Warrior Workout Class. It can be preformed without weights and the pace is slower than the usual Warrior Workout.

Join us for a class and Empower yourself today.

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