Fitness Tips

This page is dedicated to help answer frequently asked questions and to offer helpful tips to get the optimal experience from your workout. These are helpful suggestions only - not requirements.
Please feel free to check back often as information may be added or updated at any time.
If you have any questions, concerns or comments not addressed here please contact me at or see me after class.

Tip #1: Know the difference between a "" Zumba® Fitness Class and a "R.E.D Warrior®" fitness class
  A " Zumba Fitness® class" is more then just your average Zumba® Class...
Yes it's a mix of easy to follow dance routines and incrediable playlists of Latin inspired Salsa, Merenge, Reggaton, Hip Hop and radio top 40 songs creating a party atmosphere with every class...
But with, the focus is on moving the body with resistance offering a full body toning workout with cardio. Every class is completed with a fabulous stretch routine and there is always an abundance of energy, motivation and group support in a Zumba Class.

A "R.E.D. Warrior® Class" is an Empowering mind and body fitness workout with the focus on using the fundimentals of mixed Martial Arts and Functional Fitness. Every class is completed with a stretch routine and a "Moving Meditation®" to connect and uplift each participant.
The support from Warrior to Warrior is incrediable with every R.E.D. Warrior® class/session, it's no wonder why long lasting goals and friendships are achieved constantly in this class.

Tip #2: First time
   If this is your first time attending one of my classes, first of all RELAX…. it's going to be fun and I want everyone to feel comfortable,  I am always available to chat before any class.
   I suggest for newcomers to have fun and don't worry about getting it perfect. The majority of focus is on the instructor at the front of the class so rest assured you're not being watched or judged by other participants. In fact some may even provide assistance to you during the class. 
   If you don't feel comfortable doing a move that is being instructed, you can modify the move to make it feel comfortable for you. 
   Feel free to take breaks whenever you need to and drink water during the class. Small sips are recommended between each song or anytime you feel the need. If you do break remember to keep standing and slowly moving your body by walking around. 
   Please always work within your limit and keep your fitness experience a safe and happy one. 

Tip #3: Suggested Foot Wear.
   Proper foot wear is important and a fitness class should never be done in bare feet or socks. It's important to take care of your feet and keep yourself safe and comfortable at all times. 
   Foot wear is a very personal thing and this suggestion is based on feedback from my clients and may not be right for everyone. Everyone has their own preference but many prefer a cross-trainer or high top court shoe for optimum comfort and support. One with a slightly raised circle on the pad of the sole of the shoe helps to make turning and pivoting much easier. Feel free to ask around at class – everyone, including myself, are always willing to provide suggestions and information on what shoe is preferred and where to purchase them. 
   All foot wear intended for classes should be used for indoor purposes only and have clean, non-marking soles. 
   Depending on how often you use your shoes to dance, run or workout they will need replacing from time to time even if they look like new (since you don't wear them outside).  If you use your shoes for exercise on average 2-3 times a week, you will need to replace them within 6 to 8 months and at the very least one year.
   NOTE: Sketchers Shape-ups and similar toning shoes are NOT recommended as they can cause instability and injury.
   Remember....The type of foot wear you choose is completely up to you as long as you're comfortable. If you are experiencing foot pain and discomfort often, please check with your doctor.

Tip #4: What to eat before coming to Class?
   I'm asked this question often. I usually suggest something light to give you energy, but not fill you up. If you eat a full meal even an hour before dancing, you can run the risk of not feeling very well during the class. Usually fruit, yogurt, nuts, or an energy bar is a good idea 45-60 min before coming out to a class since it will give you energy but not weigh you down.

Please never try to exercise on an empty stomach, have something light to eat and you'll feel great.