About Zumba®

A heidifit.ca Zumba class is more than your average Dance Fitness Class...
It's a mix of easy to follow interval dance routines and incredible playlists of Latin inspired Salsa, Merenge, Reggaeton,​ Hip Hop and Radio top 40 songs

creating a party atmosphere with every class...

This class is an excellent way to challenge your cardiovascular strength and to build on it.
Also with heidifit.ca, the focus is on moving your body with resistance offering a full body toning workout with cardio.

Every class is completed with a fabulous stretch routine.

All classes are modified to all fitness levels.

To experience a FREE trial Zumba class with Heidi

contact Heidi at getfit@heidifit.ca

No membership required 

These two videos are of Heidi 

co-instructing Zumba classes recently in Bergen Norway

June 2018


Zumba 2018

The Fire Zumba 2018