Zumba® Testimonials

Testimonials from Dedicated Ladies in my Heidifit.ca Classes

 Kathryn: Heidi,  I wanted to send you a heart filled thanks for being a very important part of my health and fitness journey. 

Along with adapting a healthier way of eating I started attending your Zumba classes.  I have always liked working out, however, with your motivation, energy and teaching skills it was not long before I was “hooked on Heidi’s way of Instructing ”... and I followed your love for exercise.  Heidi's class is a cool mix of Latin rhythms and although I have no dance background at all,  I found it is easy to pick up the moves.  I love that Heidi's class is a high energy class that is upbeat and casual with no pressure to perform.  I am able to dance to my own beat and nobody judges me.   For me, a heidifit.ca Zumba class is exercise that does not seem like exercise.  It is the only fitness program that I have been consistent with for any length of time because I am never bored with it.

Thanks Heidi, you are a special person and amazing at instructing (it is definitely you’re calling).

With Thanks........ Kathryn

BRD: For a while, I was looking for a new workout routine to shed the last few pounds I had gained during pregnancy.  Someone mentioned to me about a drop-in Dance Inspired Fitness class with an instructor named Heidi.  I must admit I was a little nervous because I have no dance background but I found some workout clothes and headed to class.  In walks this fit, energetic instructor who tells me to work on my feet first and when I’m ready, try putting in the arms. Oh, she also warned when we move, try to go in the same direction. The music started and you couldn’t help but move. I have been hooked ever since. Classes with Heidi are a gathering of friends with the same purpose …. “having fun and sweating”. 
Thanks Heidi for giving me an amazing shape that I’m proud of….I don’t think I’ve ever looked better. I actually think your enthusiasm is making me think I have rhythm.


Kelly: "Heidi, I want to tell you how impressed I am with how you run your classes.  How obvious it is that you put everything into these classes and how you truly love teaching Dance Fitness, and that love is so infectious to your "followers". 
 Since joining your class, I have lost 20 pounds, am off pain killers and my energy level has returned. The amazing point is:  I am on medication (for preventative treatment of cancer) that causes weight gain, bone pain and zaps the energy.
​Your class is like an anti-venom serum!!"


   SF: As I come to the one year mark of this health and fitness journey, it causes me to reflect a little and I thought I would share my discoveries with you, because Heidi, you have been a big part of that journey. I have struggled with my weight for many years and as I approach my late 40s,  I think I have become a little wiser. With many positive changes, The key for me has been the exercise. I have never like exercising and I'm not a gym person. In my search for fun exercise I found this new 'little' group with heidifit.ca.  I was instantly in love with the group of people, the energy in the room and the fantastic teacher we call Heidi. The day I walked into my first class, I truly did not think I was going to make it through the hour! Now I do the full hour class wearing arm weights, is like night and day. I have not been this physically fit in 25 years!  I love the way you challenge us, Heidi, I love the positive energy you give out in the class, and I love the music and dance that makes me feel good about myself.  There are many occasions I have gone to class not feeling well .....and after the class, I left feeling so pumped that I couldn't sleep that night.  This is truly the only thing I have ever found where I can have fun and also get in shape.  You are truly an inspiration and a really nice person! You are definitely an Instructor to be modeled after.  By the way, I have lost almost 50Lbs now and holding!  I now know the only way to stay in shape is to continue exercising and doing  classes with Heidi..... I'm now addicted!

 CK: I started classes with Heidi in January and already, within a few months, I have been noticing that my waist has slimmed down and my stomach muscles are getting stronger and my belly is getting flatter.  It is a fantastic workout and I feel great at the end of the class.  It also gives me tons of energy.  Heidi is the reason I started as she has the perfect personality to motivate and make it fun for everyone, not to mention her incredible ability to offer the dance steps that everyone can actually follow.     

Denise: I started classes with Heidi when I was 5 months pregnant and was instantly hooked! I love to dance, and as much as my body grew, Heidi's class made me feel confident and sexy even at 8 months. Heidi has a gift for instructing - she's enthusiastic, engaging, and her routines are easy to follow. Not to mention, that girl can move!!! It's always a party with Heidi! 

 RJ: as young as you feel:
"As I approach a significant birthday next month, I am delighted to report that I have been feeling increasingly younger than my chronological age would indicate and all because of Heidifit.ca.  Before I started taking classes with Heidi, I was lacking in stamina and my hip was in constant pain because of arthritis.  Since dancing with Heidi I am able to keep up in running races with the children that I work with (without getting winded) and I am not aware of any ache, stress or pain in my hip, knees, etc. either during or after a class.  In fact, my doctor is thrilled with the improvements and asked what I had been doing to make such gains.  


JoAnn: Heidi's class is the dance exercise class that I never want to end!  Heidi motivates and inspires and the incredible music and moves will have you hooked from the start. Classes with Heidi can be a high energy workout that changes your body health and surprisingly finds me smiling throughout the class!   

DS: I love working out with Heidi, because it doesn’t really feel like a workout. I dance, shout, clap, and enjoy moving while I get a stronger body all while having fun.  Heidi’s energy and fantastic dance routines makes for a fun workout. I’m always amazed at how quickly the time goes by!

Anonymous: Hi Heidi, 
I attended the awesome fundraising event you did on Saturday. I just wanted to say that I LOVED your portion of the day. You were fantastic! I especially loved the Grease routine. It was so much fun. I smiled HUGE the whole time.
I actually did speak to you via email and phone a bunch of years ago when I first discovered Zumba and thought that I might want to give it a try. You were so supportive and amazing back then but I was a very overweight, emotionally tired and scared lady and I just wasn't ready yet at the time.
About a year and a half ago I joined a wonderful gym, met some fantastic instructors and tried Zumba. I am hooked! I am also 65lbs lighter (so far) and a whole lot happier. I have made incredible friendships through the gym and my life is changed forever for the better.
In some measure, I owe that to you and your kindness to me so long ago when I was searching. Just thought you should know... I am grateful!